Andrew Berkshire of Sportsnet was asked:

Where do you think Braden Holtby lands after this season and how much do you think he can command based on the year vs overall career he has had?

Berkshire notes that Hotlby’s situation is an interesting one because there’s some doubt he’s still a legit starter in the NHL after three mediocre seasons. Berkishire suggests Holtby will need to prove he’s still capable and may look at a one-year deal with a team that will give him an opportunity to really turn his game around.

He notes:

The team that keeps jumping out to me is the Calgary Flames. Instead of rushing Dustin Wolf, they can bring in Holtby to provide support for David Rittich similar to what Cam Talbot did this season, and if he regains his form the Flames are in a better position to compete than they have been in years.

Suggesting Holtby’s game is questionable, there are holes in his play and there are certainly questions about giving a long-term deal to a goalie who may or may not still have the goods in a tight salary cap situation, a one-year deal might be the best option.

Berkshire adds:

He has a ton of clout from his prime years with a Vezina Trophy and Stanley Cup in his trophy case, so the salary might be pretty high despite his past three seasons of being mediocre to bad. But I would be shocked if he wants more than a one year contract or if anyone is willing to give more.

Calgary is a team with some money to spend and there has been suggestions that Cam Talbot is open to leaving, hoping to get more opportunities and prove he too is a starter somewhere.

Calgary isn’t that far from Holtby’s hometown of Lloydminster either.

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