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Will Rask’s Decision to Leave Lead to a Trade Out of Boston?

Even if the Boston Bruins aren’t upset that Tuukka Rask chose to leave the team, is a trade still likely?

Most people, as they should, are siding with Tukka Rask and his decision to leave the NHL playoffs to be with his family. And, to the defense of the Boston Bruins organization, they’ve not asked that anyone take sides.

The team has publicly supported Rask’s decision to walk away from the team and say they understand the burden that comes with having young kids at home and being away from them for so long.

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Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe writes that the Bruins may choose to move forward without Rask in their long-term plans, even if they don’t hold any ill will towards the Vezina Trophy candidate. Becase this isn’t the first time Rask has left the team, there is some thought he’s not reliable. And, with one season left on his contract, the Bruins need to know they have a goaltender who will be sticking around in good times and bad.

He writes:

What we do know with absolute certainty, though, is that Rask now twice has proven he is unable to balance being both family man and franchise goalie. That’s trouble. That’s no way to run a hockey team, never mind try to survive four grueling rounds of postseason play and capture what would be the franchise’s seventh Stanley Cup in its near century of existence.

source – ‘Bruins are sympathetic, but know it’s time to move on from Tuukka Rask’ – Kevin Paul Dupont – Boston Globe – 08/15/2020

Dupont adds, “All of which points to Rask not being here whenever — if ever — the 2020-21 season starts.” He notes that it’s time for both sides to shake hands, be thankful for what they were able to do together and move on to better fits for both sides.

Dupont believes the Bruins will shop the goaltender and his assumption is that general manager Don Sweeney “will be working the phones.”

If true, and it becomes apparent the Bruins are moving on because they aren’t confident their netminder will be there for them during crunch time, that could affect his value on the market.

Some Fans Are Already Upset

Rask’s decision to leave may not be one the team holds against him, but some fans certainly are not pleased.

Former NHL coach and now NBC analyst Mike Milbury said of Rask’s decision, “Nobodies simply opted to leave the bubble just because they didn’t want to be here and they needed to be with their family. I would’ve not have done it, the rest of the league’s players have not done it.” He added in a city where Bruins fans have not fully embraced Rask despite his success, this decision will be a hard pill for some fans to swallow.

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  1. TheNostredummass

    August 16, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    I’m with Dupont. Time to move on.

  2. Greg

    August 17, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    I don’t always agree with Milbury, but he’s right on this one. I don’t understand why most people seem so forgiving about this. I bet he wouldn’t have left if he had outstanding paychecks at stake. To let down your teammates and fans in a year when they’re a top Stanley Cup contender speaks volumes about Rask’s character and desire for playing the game.

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