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Why Fans Shouldn’t Expect NHL Trades Quite Yet

Even though seven teams can now technically make hockey trades with each other, fans shouldn’t get too excited about the idea.

NHL trade rumors
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There’s been some talk over the past couple of days about the seven teams that are now officially out of the playoff race. Technically, all seven teams can start making roster moves, more specifically trades, that will help them for next season.

With the trade ban lifted for those seven teams, many are wondering if any of organizations like the Buffalo Sabres or Detroit Red Wings would be able to take advantage of a trade opportunity that 24 other teams aren’t able to seize at this point in time. While there might be an advantage, don’t expect teams to see it that way.

Luke Fox of Sportsnet writes, “Just because the seven eliminated teams are free to make trades with each other, I’d be stunned to see any transaction of significance.”

Asking why a team would want to trade with only six dance partners when most of the best dancers aren’t even at the dance yet, Fox says it doesn’t make sense for organizations to limit or handcuff themselves. He makes a good point. Less than 20% of the league can make a move right now and that limits who and what these teams — teams that need the most help — can actually do that’s productive.

Fox says:

“that most deals involve movement of draft picks, and we don’t even know the draft order let alone the draft date, and I wouldn’t be refreshing your Twitter feed searching for that Rasmus Ristolainen blockbuster just yet.

Could There Be a Trade?

The short answer is sure. Someone like Rasmus Ristolainen already says he thinks he’ll be moved. Could a team from California, or the Detroit Red Wings and/or Ottawa Senators be interested? Of course.

The only reason these types of moves make sense would be for the acquiring team to take a player off the trade market early. Then again, you have to remember that in order to do that, the acquiring team will potentially have to overpay in a trade so that the team losing the player doesn’t explore offers from 24 other teams.

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