I have to admit, I love the Vancouver Canucks uniforms. The Orca and the “C” of the Canucks – either in blue or white – beautiful! Add the green and you have a perfect British Columbia picture.

It’s just as good as the Arizona Coyotes purple uniform which, until you actually visit the desert near Phoenix, makes no sense to you. But the color of both is perfect.

Then, the blue uniform – again with a dash of green and white – with the “C” punctuated by the blade of a hockey stick – that’s nice, too.

But, the fans have spoken and their very favorite is the throwback: they love the basic black, orange, and yellow of the uniforms styled after the classics of the early 1990s – the ones with the stylized skate. And, I cannot blame them.

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The Basic Black Skate Jersey Is Iconic Canucks

Even going through my hockey cards today, I came across some 1992-93 Upper Deck cards of the great Pavel Bure – and they were great as well. I like all of the team’s choices.

So, when it was reported earlier that the Canucks have told the NHL which jerseys they’re going to wear during the playoffs – and these don’t include the throwback black, orange, and yellow – I can see why the fans are upset. It isn’t every day after all that the team actually gets into the postseason; and, whether they play in front of fans in the stadium or on television, it makes no difference.

The fans want black. But the team notified the NHL during the midseason that, should they make the playoffs, they would be wearing their primary uniforms with the blue, white, and green with the Orca and the “C.”

The Rival of the Throwback Jerseys Was an Instant Hit

It’s just that the revival of the Canucks’ basic black jersey went over well and, with the team also doing well, it was the perfect storm.

So three times during the season the team wore the black throwbacks and were going to wear the jerseys again during the season-ending game against the Vegas Golden Knights; but, of course, that didn’t happen.

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There’s a Petition Started If You Care

Jovan Heer, who has been a Canucks fan for thirty seasons, started an online petition calling on the Canucks to wear their popular uniforms during the 2020 qualifying round. If you care, you can find it here:

As Heer noted earlier today, “I always loved the skate jersey.” So he began a campaign to push for a change. He got the idea, he said, in a conversation with his girlfriend, Jodi.

Although the Canucks have had to make their choice and there’s likely no turning back, Heer’s still pushing. I’m guessing he believes that if the classic Canucks like Bure and Trevor Linden can wear the Vancouver Canuck’s basic black hockey jersey this team can, too.

As he said, “It’s never too late.” It’s worth a shot!

“I see tweets every day mentioning the skate jersey and how iconic it was, so to her I was like ‘it’s worth a shot to see what we can do!’”

If you’re a Canucks fan and are interested in signing the petition, you can find the link above.