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Trade Talk: Questions in Calgary With Gaudreau Off Top Line

TSN insider Darren Dreger said there are rumblings of issues between Johnny Gaudreau and the Calgary Flames and could be trade rumors leaking soon.

Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames

Darren Dreger said during a recent TSN report that eyebrows are being raised in Calgary where Johnny Gaudreau isn’t being played on the top line. He’s been on the ice practicing but he’s not with Sean Monahan or Elias Lindholm.

Dreger said, “They’re doing their best to downplay it and I don’t have a firm answer.” It could be that Calgary has opted to just divide up their top players onto different lines, but Dreger also says that some are wondering if maybe a message is being sent right out of the gate. He says, “If that’s the case, then maybe Johnny didn’t spend enough time in the home gym, but that’s just speculation.”

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Mike Johnson says it has to bother Gaudreau that he’s not in being placed in a primary role and that there has to be something askew in Calgary, and there has been all year. There’s an overriding fear that, at some point, he’s going to want to go back east. Dreger agreed that there has been those rumblings and then connected the dots between Guadreau and someone like Jack Eichel who has been public about his frustrations. Dreger says, “There seems to be some sort of galvanizing pieces or pieces in Calgary that just don’t seem to go away.”

Questions In Calgary

Dreger says there is a lot of speculation in Calgary that guys aren’t necessarily happy and trade talk surrounds certain players on the team. He adds, Gaudreau certainly fits into that mix. “If Johnny Guadreau doesn’t like playing in Calgary, good for him. He can make that decision. It’s 100% up to him, he’s a grown ass man.”

Dreger said there would be interest and the hosts talked about his contract being a pretty good one that other GM’s might find appealing in a flat salary cap.

Everyone on the panel suggested all of the trade talk is coming up at an interesting time. Could someone like Brock Boeser be a player that Vancouver looks to move? If so, why is that talk leaking just before the playoffs?

One of the few answers that make sense is that GM’s and/or players must be frustrated already with the way things are playing out with the cap and what teams will have to do.

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