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Torey Krug Won’t Take One-Year Deal w/ Bruins, Talks Free Agency [Video]

Torey Krug spoke with media on Thursday and said he was opposed to a one-year deal with the Bruins and talked his future in free agency.

Torey Krug Boston Bruins

It’s logical to assume, at the very least, that the Boston Bruins were going to have trouble fitting defenseman Torey Krug into their payroll for next season. A pending unrestricted free agent who will (rightfully) command a raise, — even in a flat salary cap NHL — Krug is likely to be too expensive for the Bruins roster.

The defenseman’s comments to media on Thursday certainly haven’t helped Bruins fans who might be looking for some sign or a glimmer of hope, that perhaps, those assumptions are wrong and that his days as a Boston Bruins aren’t over.

Krug’s Contract Talks With Bruins

Krug has always been open when it comes to what his specific situation might mean and the notion that he’d need to leave Boston. He was well aware that this could have been final season. So, when talking about his time in Boston up this point and his immediate future as a free agent, it wasn’t shocking Krug seemed to say all the things someone leaving would say.

Saying there’s time between now and the end of the season and then free agency, Krug said conversations with GM Don Sweeney have been few and far between. He’s not sure why, but that it is what it is and said you never know. However, he didn’t seem confident things were going to change.

Krug Won’t Take a Short-Term Deal

If the Bruins could convince Krug to go short-term, there might be a chance. They’d have David Krejci coming off the books at the end of the 2020-21 season, they wouldn’t have to try and sign two goaltenders and retained salaries for Matt Beleskey and David Backes would come off the books. That’s just not an option.

Krug said on taking a one-year deal:

“I’m very opposed to that. I’ve bet on myself and I’ve taken shorter-term deals and less amount of money my whole career now, so this is my time in terms of my value at its peak.”

As for who sees the most value in Krug, that’s rumored to be the Detroit Red Wings. They’ve long-been the team most frequently connected to the blueliner. At the same time, one would assume, should he choose to Detroit, it will be because of the money.

The Red Wings aren’t close to winning, at least not yet. If their intention is to build their blue line around Krug, it’s going to take some time to be a contender. Krug is good, but the Red Wings will need a lot more than him to rise up the standings after a record-breakingly bad season.

Did Krug Just Say Goodbye?

Krug said all the money in the world won’t change the need to be in the right situation. The “fit” will be a big part of the decision.

Krug said, “I appreciate all you guys.” He added, “All the questions over the years, good & bad. Your professionalism.”

Yes, that does sound like the start of an exit speech.

He noted:

“Hopefully I’ll see you soon at the rinks, if not I’ll see you elsewhere. Everyone here in the chat that I’ve seen over the yrs, I really appreciate everyone.”

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