On the 11th episode of The Hockey Writers Podcast, we asked Brandon Share-Cohen (THW news reporter) and Kyle Gipe (THW Nashville Predators analyst) to join us to cover predictions for the NHL Trade Deadline. Who are the most likely of players to be moved?

Kyle, Brandon and myself (Jim Parsons) made up our lists in completely different ways, with no rules and it was interesting to see how they were similar in some ways and very different in others.

Who would be the most likely to be traded? Who would provide the most value to an NHL team? What might the return look like? We covered all of those topics and more as we discussed the most debated names in the NHL ready to be moved before the February 25, 2019 deadline date.

Did all three guests have Artemi Panarin at the top of the board? Where would Matt Duchene fall? What about the New York Rangers who are rumored to have a number of names on the board? We answer all of those questions on this week’s episode.


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