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Reason Robin Lehner Was Traded Revealed

So why was Robin Lehner, a very good goalie, traded and he and the Blackhawks unable to come to a deal on an extension?

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Elliotte Friedman explains that the reason Robin Lehner was moved by the Chicago Blackhawks at Monday’s NHL Trade Deadline is pretty simple. Friedman notes, “If I’m wrong about this, I’m sure he’ll let me know, but I understand Chicago indicated it did not want to go past two years on Lehner.”

Essentially, the trade was a three-way deal between the Golden Knights, Chicago Blackhawks and Toronto Maple Leafs. It went as follows:

  • Chicaog sent Lehner to Toronto
  • Toronto sent Lehner and Dzierkals to Vegas, and retained part of Lehner’s contract
  • Vegas sent their 2020 5th RD pick to Toronto, and Malcom Subban, Slava Demin & a 2020 2nd to Chicago

And, while it was reported by insiders like Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston that Lehner was looking to make good money as a pending free agent and felt it was finally time he be compensated for his production and “to be paid fairly, like any player would want to be.” Still, it sounds like he was willing to work with the Blackhawks.

Johnston reported that Lehner wasn’t completely stuck on a long-term deals and that he was considering other factors. Many took that to mean he was looking for a certain amount and didn’t necessarily want to take a lower AAV to get term.

But, that may not be accurate either. Blackhawks reporter Mark Lazerus maintains that Lehner offered to take a three-year deal for less money to stay with the Blackhawks. The only problem was, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman never bit. Whether that was due to off-ice issues, health concerns or the way Lehner went public with his negotiations, whatever the case, Bowman wasn’t sold.

Instead, Elliotte Friedman is suggesting Lehner was offered a two year deal to stay in Chicago and that wasn’t long enough for Lehner.

What’s Next For Lehner?

Even though things didn’t work out for Lehner in Chicago, that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for him in the end.

There may be teams a little gun-shy about offering a long-term deal but Lehner is a good goaltender who has good numbers to back up his claims that he’s worth it. He likely won’t stay in Vegas once his run as a rental is over, but he’ll be coveted in free agency, likely getting at least a three-year term.

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