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Pietrangelo Open to a Bridge Deal?

In the hopes that St. Louis can find a way to afford to hang onto Alex Pietrangelo, is there any way he accepts a one-year bridge deal?

Alex Pietrangelo St. Louis Blues
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Much of the talk of this offseason will surround Alex Pietrangelo and whatever decision he makes in free agency. The St. Louis Blues would liket o keep him and, all things considered, it is assumed he’d like to stay. That said, finances are a big concern and there are questions about how the Blues will make his contract work and fit him in.

No doubt, Pietrangelo will be expensive. But how expensive? Upcoming moves may answer that question.

If the Blues are looking at re-signing their captain, they’ll need to clear up space to make any deal work. Even if the assumption is he’ll accept a “hometown discount” of between $7.5 million to $8 million, Jim Thomas of St. Louis Today notes there will need to be changes made.

Thomas was asked about the possibility of Pietrangelo accepting a one-year bridge deal. He didn’t think it was likely, based mostly upon the fact a one year deal doesn’t really solve the Blues’ problem. Such uncertainty surrounding the salary cap may not clear itself up by the time any one-year deal expires. If not, the Blues will find themselves in a similar situation, asking similar questions.

Thomas suggests there’s only one potential scenario where a bridge deal makes sense. He explains that if Pietrangelo explores the market and realizes most teams can’t afford what he’ll be asking, he may circle back to the Blues. Thomas notes, “if the waters are lukewarm at best, then maybe he thinks about a bridge deal.”

Thomas explains this could happen since there were 18 teams with over $70 million committed to the cap next season. Pietrangelo’s options are limited, especially if he wants to pick his potential landing spot.

Right now, the Blues can hope for a few things. One, other teams don’t have the money. Two, the NHL allows compliance buyouts. Three, Pietrangelo really has no desire to leave.

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