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Penguins Have Trade Offer For Matt Murray (Is It From the Maple Leafs?)

The Toronto Maples are said to have eyes for Matt Murray. Are they the team who has made the offer Jim Rutherford is mulling over?

Matt Murray Penguins

First, as per a few reports, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a strong connection to goaltender Matt Murray.

Second, as news continues to come down the wire that Frederik Andersen is likely to be moved out of Toronto, some are paying attention to who the Maple Leafs might bring in to replace him. And, because of that strong connection — dating all the way back to Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas’ time with Murray with the Soo Greyhounds in the OHL — many are connecting to dots.

It makes sense. The Leafs want to move a goaltender and if they do, they’ll be a need to replace a goaltender. Andersen is a $5 million cap hit, Murray should come in under that and if the Leafs move out some cap in the same deal to pick up Murray, Dubas has done himself a world of good financially.

So, as other reports surface that Penguins’ GM Jim Rutherford has an offer on the table for Murray in a trade, the question is, ‘Is it the Leafs who have made the offer?’

No. It is not.

The Leafs Will Have To Go In Order

A rival executive confirmed that the Leafs do have an interest in Murray. And, as TSN’s Darren Dreger points out, this is not a new development. But, as Dreger also points out, he doesn’t think the Leafs would want to trade for a goaltender before they knew they could trade Andersen.

Frederik Andersen Maple Leafs
Frederik Andersen Maple Leafs

Dreger explains:

“I know that there is at least one offer on the table that Jim Rutherford would consider for Matt Murray. I do not believe that it belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs. And let’s not forget, there’s some complications.

What does Toronto do with Frederik Andersen? Not unlimited cap space for Kyle Dubas and the Toronto Maple Leafs, so it makes sense that if Toronto is able to move on Matt Murray then they’d have to have a landing spot outside of Pittsburgh for Frederik Andersen.

So, it’s complicated but yes, there would be interest in Matt Murray. But I look at some of the other Canadian teams. Ottawa, I look at Edmonton, I look at Calgary, these are teams that are perhaps also in the market for some stability in goal so Matt Murray moving forward could be a hot commodity.”

The Leafs Will Have Competition

Despite the connections, Toronto won’t be the only team looking at Murray. Yes, there are a number of capable goaltenders on the market this offseason and Murray is just one. But, he’s also a starter and still just 26 years old. He’ll be affordable for most teams, has two Stanley Cups on his resume and would be a strong pick up for a lot of teams.

If Dubas has his sights set on Murray and needs to move Andersen first to land the goaltender he wants, it might mean an Andersen trade is coming sooner than later.

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