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Nick Bjugstad Trade Shows Importance Of Having Cap Space

The Minnesota Wild announced that they have acquired Nick Bjugstad from the Pittsburgh Penguins for practically no return at all.

Nick Bjugstad Wild

As per a report by the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild, the Penguins have moved forward Nick Bjugstad in a trade to the Minnesota Wild for a conditional 2021 draft seventh-round pick.

Bjugstad is in the final year of a six-year, $24.6 million deal. Meaning, the Penguins are only dumping $2.05 million in cap salary space.

Considering there’s nothing more than a conditional pick going back and because the Penguins have agreed to retain half of Bjugtad’s salary, the return seems quite low for the Penguins. In fact, upon further glance, it’s virtually no return at all.

As per the terms of the deal, if Bjugstad plays in at least 70 games or scores at least 35 points this season the Penguins get the pick. If he doesn’t, the Wild don’t owe the Penguins anything in return.

This Trade Shows The Importance of Salary Cap Space

If nothing else, this trade proves how much shedding salary this off-season is going to be important. The Penguins have been looking for ways to shed salary, not only for personel changes, but because it is believe the franchise itself wants to save money.

At the same time, moving said cap space is going to be easier said than done. Bjugstad is a player who scored 49 points in 2017-18 and the team just basically gave him away. This is a no risk deal for the Wild.

Pittsburgh may end up with nothing more than the $2.05 million in extra cap room (plus $2.625 million in actual salary saved). At the same time, it was a move they probably felt they had to do and showed there wasn’t a market out there for the player.


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