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NHL’s Phase 3 Date Not Set In Stone, Canada to Waive 14-Day Quarantine?

On Thursday, it was announced that the NHL had set a return for Phase 3 to officially get under way. That date was July 10. That date may not be firm.

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On Thursday, it was announced that the NHL had set a return for Phase 3 to officially get under way. That date was July 10.

While there’s a reason the NHL moved forward on the announcement, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun suggests the league might still take a step back and that Phase 3 could, in fact, be pushed back to August 1st.

LeBrun notes the reason for the July 10 date announcement was so players could start making travel plans and arrangements to get back to their respective teams and cities. Still, there’s a lot of work to be done to actually be ready to go by that timeline.

LeBrun notes:

“Now. It has to be said that that date could still change if negotiations drag on Phase 3 and Phase 4, and those negotiations are just at its infancy right now, although there’s a lot of back and forth happening hopefully over the next two, three, four weeks, they do get an agreement on return to play, finally. As far as the games and the protocols and everything else. The league and the players did not commit to announcing a start of those games, because that’s the last being negotiated.”

The good news is, TSN hockey insider Ryan Rishaug reports the Canadian federal government is expected to make an announcement concerning its 14 day quarantine period as it pertains to NHL players. The mandate to quarantine is expected to be lifted. He writes:

Looks like a solution to the 14 day quarantine is on the way from the Fed Govt. that should allow all 3 Canadian markets to remain viable options as hub cities, and for Cdn teams to hold their training camps north of the border. Details to come in the next few days.

What Does That Mean For Phase 4?

If Phase 3 is pushed back, the assumption then would be that the opening of Phase 4 would also be delayed. That said, the NHL is still hoping Phase 4, (the start of playoff games), will happen around the start of August. That means there would be very little time between training camps and game play.

Things are moving quickly, but at the same time, very little is actually happening.

For some teams, Phase 2 hasn’t officially begun as not enough players are around to open facilities. This will all take time. It could be why the NHL is giving such a big heads up as to their plans.

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