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News From NHL Hub City Conference Call

The NHL held a call Friday to go over final details related to the hub cities and NHL players inside the bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto.

NHL COVID-19 Tests

The NHL held a conference call Friday to go over some of the last details related to the hub cities and their preparations to welcome NHL players into the bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto. Among the items discussed were rosters, the arenas, and what happens if a player leaves the bubble.

Final Roster Submission

Final rosters for NHL teams had to be submitted today by 4 PM CT, notes Terry Koshan of the Toronto Sun. Each team could list a maximum of 31 players that could join the group inside the bubble and each organization was allowed, at most, 52 people.

Teams have yet to make their way to either Edmonton or Toronto, but the NHL needed time to vet every player and staff member attending.

Elliotte Friedman noted that some of the teams will have some interesting names to listen for in regard to who is included and who is not. He wrote:

One name to watch for will be ARIZ GM John Chayka. Club says it is expected he will be included, but there appears to be some degree of uncertainty

Exhibition Games

The first games on the docket will be the exhibition games between some of the league’s best conference rivals. Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reports that teams will be able to dress an extra forward and defenseman for that contest.

Johnston writes:

NHL teams will be permitted to dress up to 13 forwards and seven defencemen when they play their exhibition game next week. A couple GMs wanted the larger roster with only one exhibition scheduled before the season resumes.

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Update on Rogers Place Damage’s Dan Rosen referenced the damage that happened to Edmonton’s arena, Rogers Place. A flood hit the entryway of the building during some nasty storms but no ice damage was sustained and the city was confident they could get things repaired in time.

NHL content and events chief Steve Mayer said the building was checked out and all of the damage has been repaired and the equipment replaced. The NHL is full-steam ahead with that venue.

Zero Tolerance Policy For Ignoring Bubble Protocols

If a player is caught leaving the NHL bubbles or not following the protocols as per the NHL’s guidelines, they will be immediately removed from the bubble, sent home, and not permitted to re-enter.

Mayer said, “We are really going to be strict.” He adds, “If anybody wants to decide to try to get out of the bubble, the penalties are extremely severe, and they’re on the next planes home, and they’re certainly not able to come back into the bubble.”

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