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Domi’s Agent Says Client is Not Looking to Leave Montreal

Max Domi’s agent is insistent his client wants to stay with the Montreal Canadiens. Does that mean a deal is going to get done?

Max Domi Montreal Canadiens 2

While trade speculation will likely continue until forward Max Domi is either signed or traded, according to Domi’s agent Darren Ferris, the rumors that his client are looking to get out of Montreal are not true. Ferris is shooting down speculation that Domi is eager for a trade, saying, “Max’s desire is and always has been to stay in Montreal.”

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Ferris spoke with Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet and said, Domi has not requested a trade. Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has confirmed that information and buzz is now that there is still a possibility the forward comes to an agreement with the team.

Part of that will hinge on what the Canadiens decided to do with seemingly unhappy center Phillip Danault. Danault has publicly stated he’s not interested in taking a back seat in terms of his role on the roster and with only one year left on his current deal, the Canadiens may elect to move him. Should they, a spot at center would open up.

At the same time, Domi’s agent notes that Domi is not stuck on the idea of playing down the middle. The perception has been that Domi wants to play center but Ferris was unequivocal when he said, “Max will play goalie if the coach asks him to.”

Max Domi Montreal Canadiens
Max Domi Montreal Canadiens

What Might the Canadiens Be Looking to Do?

Trade talk isn’t likely going to go away over the next two weeks because Domi’s agent says the player wants things to work out. It might be best for both sides to move on and since Domi is an RFA with arbitration rights, that opens up the door to him having leverage the Canadiens might not want to go near if they don’t see him as worth the arbitration number. But, what if he was open to something else?

There’s no reason a player can’t sign for less if they choose to. And, if the Canadiens and Domi can work out an agreement on a one-year contract, there’s certainly still hope here. Sportsnet writes:

For what it’s worth, sources we checked in with over the last few weeks say the Canadiens aren’t looking to trade Domi just for the sake of getting rid of him. And two of them said that though his name is certainly out there, there’s a general sense that’s more a function of perception than it is actual conversation.

Keep an eye on this situation.

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