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Red Wings Could Make Big Pitch for Jacob Markstrom

If Jacob Markstrom doesn’t sign with the Vancouver Canucks, expect the Detroit Red Wings to make a big pitch according to our source.

Jacob Markstrom to Red Wings?

According to a Kevin Woodley of In Goal Magazine, if goaltender Jacob Markstrom shakes loose from the Vancouver Canucks, expect one particular team to go all-in on a pitch to land the free agent netminder.

Woodley is a regular guest on the Jason Gregor Show (TSN 1260) and was looking at the market and what might happen with Markstrom if the Canucks and the player can’t get a deal worked out. Noting that there are not many teams that have a combined need for a bonafide starter and the cap space to add one, the Detroit Red Wings are on an island of their own in that regard.

The Red Wings will be walking away from Jimmy Howard this offseason and Jonathan Bernier has stepped up, but he isn’t a top notch No. 1 in the NHL. Detroit also has money to throw at Markstrom and could make a offer with a higher per season rate than almost any other team.

A rebuilding club run by Steve Yzerman, if the Red Wings could add a goalie like Markstrom and potentially land a defenseman like Torey Krug, they could speed up their rebuild in a hurry. The trick would be to convince both players to take the money over the wins.

In the case of Markstrom, should he not sign with the Canucks, the Red Wings might be able to offer so much more that it’s difficult to turn it down. Markstrom may not get another chance to hit a financial home run like this.

This Kind of Deal Could Shake Up The Market

While the expectation is that this will still be a buyers market on goaltenders, if Markstrom signs for big money in free agency, it could change the top end of the goaltending landscape.

Jacob Markstrom Canucks
Jacob Markstrom Canucks

Woodley notes:

“I’m hearing, if he goes to market, the Red Wings are looking to make a big pitch for Markstrom. I wonder if they give Markstrom his ask of $6 million how it would impact others after Lehner signed for $5m in Vegas.”

It is rumored that Lehner has a handshake deal with Vegas to sign for five more seasons at $5 million per season. Part of the delay in making that deal official could be the team’s potential plans for Marc-Andre Fleury.

But, if Markstrom signs for big money first and Lehner sees that deal, he might be prone to asking for more.

Of course, this is all only if the Canucks don’t get this deal with Markstrom done. By most accounts, that is still an item high up on their list of to-dos.

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