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Insider Details What It Would Cost To Land Jack Eichel in Trade

If Jack Eichel is actually part of trade talks coming out of Buffalo, what would it cost to land him?

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Jack Eichel made his way into the rumor mill a few days ago when he publicly noted that he was getting frustrated with continually losing. Some took that to mean he was just angry and any competitive player would be. Others hinted that the player might want out.

At the time he said:

“Look, I’m fed up with the losing & I’m frustrated. … It’s been a tough couple of months. It’s been a tough five years. … I want to win the Stanley Cup every time I start a season. … I’d be lying if I said I’m not getting frustrated with the way things are going.”

While the consensus seems to be that the Sabres aren’t even considering a trade that would send Eichel elsewhere, the story made the rounds enough that some scribes are wondering what the cost of acquisition would be in any potential deal.

Dan Rosen wrote about the topic and noted:

It’s hard to quantify Eichel’s worth when I don’t feel he’s on the trading block. It would take a lot to get the 23-year-old center, as in high draft picks, top prospects and at least one key NHL player.

There have been whispers that teams like the New Jersey Devils might be interested and perhaps the two sides are having informal conversations since both can technically make a deal, but Rosen also adds:

If they even want to think about moving Eichel, who was the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, behind Connor McDavid to the Edmonton Oilers, they need to open the bidding to all 30 teams that could inquire.

The Sabres Shouldn’t Shut Down Talks

Even if there’s nothing to this rumor and Eichel isn’t going anywhere, it can’t hurt if a team comes calling for the Sabres to not at least entertain offers. Rosen explains:

It also makes zero sense for the Sabres to tell teams, “Forget about it.” I know they feel Eichel is a huge part of the solution, but it doesn’t cost anything to hear what other teams feel he’s worth to them. In the end, I fully expect Eichel to be back with the Sabres. He’s frustrated and voiced that last week, but the Sabres have to work with him and build around him.

Could the Sabres get an offer that’s hard to pass up? If a team comes calling and offers the sun and the moon, the Sabres have a history of big trades. It might not be that out of the realm of possibility.

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