According to Taylor Hall’s agent, Darren Ferris, the Arizona Coyotes and Hall don’t appear any closer to a new contract, despite news that Hall is among many free agents realizing the changes in this summer’s salary cap could pose issues for him getting the kind of money he wants on the open market.

The Coyotes traded for Hall in December, well ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline. The hope was that his involvement would catapult the team into a playoff spot. Unfortunately, the opposite happened and the Coyotes became a bubble team, often on the outside looking in. Hall contributed, but his production wasn’t at the level it was he reached as part of the MVP season with the New Jersey Devils. Still, Hall maintained he wouldn’t rule out the Coyotes and the Coyotes hinted they wanted to retain him. Neither side were talking deal.

Then, the season stopped.

Since that time, there’s been speculation as to how much teams are talking with their free agents. With uncertainty around what the salary cap might be. As a GM, it’s hard to commit big money when it might handcuff your franchise. So, to hear the Coyotes haven’t reached out to Hall might not be shocking.

The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta reports that Ferris says that he has not been approached by John Chayka. Hall is looking for a long-term deal in the range of seven or eight years, potentially around $10 million per season. It’s hard to imagine he’ll get that. And, with the Coyotes already right up against the cap, Chayka would have to shake things up to fit Hall in.

As the break rolls on, it appears the Coyotes and Hall may move farther apart than they will closer together. If neither side has even reached out and initiated any kind of talks, perhaps it’s an indication the Coyotes don’t feel Hall is their guy if funds are limited.

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