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Eriksson Has No Desire to Stop Playing, Trade Option on the Table?

To say that the Vancouver Canucks might like to be out from under Loui Eriksson’s contract could be understating things. What’s his status with the team?

Loui Erikkson Canucks

To say that the Vancouver Canucks might like to be out from under Loui Eriksson’s contract could be understating things. Trying not to sound too harsh on the player, Eriksson’s deal is certainly not the only one in the NHL that didn’t pan out as expected. But, with a flat salary cap and questions in Vancouver about whether or not the team can keep both Tyler Toffoli and Brock Boeser, moving Eriksson’s deal certainly would create more clarity.

The problem is, who wants that deal even as the cap rises? Now that it’s not going anywhere, logic suggests he’s nearly impossible to trade.

Except, maybe he’s not.

As per a recent report, there is potential that Eriksson could be traded, as long as the Canucks are willing to sweeten the deal. Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal has revealed that at the trade deadline the Canucks were in talks with a couple of teams regarding an Eriksson deal, but those teams were asking for defenseman Brogan Rafferty and center Adam Gaudette to be added to that deal. Whether the number of teams willing to do that deal has gone down with the cap expectations or those teams are still willing is unclear, but it sounds as though any deal isn’t completely dead.

Is this the type of move the Canucks would do in order to keep their team together? And, is the recent news that Eriksson has looked good on the ice since returning and had a great pause to get in good shape helpful? Perhaps coming back strong and producing could go a long way to a future deal.

Eriksson Won’t Be Leaving the Canucks on His Own

Satiar Shah, a drive show host with Andrew Walker 650 and Canucks game host at Sportsnet 650 writes that “Eriksson was never going to retire and walk away, the question is whether he’ll play in Utica if the Canucks force his hand next season or if he’ll prefer to get out of the contract & try to play elsewhere.” That is, of course, assuming there is a Utica team to go to.

As the Canucks try to look for scenarios that will see them relieved of some of the financial burden, they may have to get creative. Still, they won’t get help from Eriksson, other than on the ice.

Asked if he intends to play out his contract Eriksson said: “For sure. I love to play hockey… I will never quit playing hockey.”

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