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Dale Tallon Denies Claims He Used Racially Insensitive Remarks

Former GM Dale Tallon is denying claims he used racially insensitive remarks while in the NHL bubble.

Dale Tallon Florida Panthers

It was reported on Monday that the NHL was looking into allegations that former GM Dale Tallon had used racially insensitive language during his time in the Toronto bubble. As per a report by, the NHL confirmed the investigation was under way, but also did not reveal any specifics on the matter.

On Tuesday, news is coming out that Tallon has denied using such language.

Tallon said he was golfing when he heard his name had been out there in terms of using insensitive or racially motivated remarks so it took him some time to learn of the reports. Once he’d gotten the details of the story, he said, “I am not racist by any means.” He added, “I have never said anything of the sort. I am all for peace, am all for this alliance and what everyone is trying to do right now.”

Tallon isn’t sure who the source of the allegations are that person wanted to remain anonymous. He also said he believes the incident in question stems around the emotional speech Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba gave on racial inequalities on Aug. 1.

The NHL is continuing to investigate the matter and we’ll update the story as more news comes out.

George Richards, who is covering the story said Tallon cut their phone call short so he was unable to attain more information from the former GM other than Tallon claiming he did not do what he’s being accused of.

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