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Canucks to Get Markstrom Contract Signed at End of Season

Canucks GM Jim Benning says the team will get a deal done with Markstrom at end of season.

Jacob Markstrom Canucks

Vancouver Canucks’ GM Jim Benning joined Sportnset’s David Amber during the first intermission of the Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets game and when asked about the status of contract negotiations with goaltender Jacob Markstrom, Benning suggested the team will get it figured out.

Amber pointed out that most of the conversation out of Vancouver over the past few weeks has been the status of Markstrom’s extension. Amber asked if how Markstrom plays in the postseason will carry any weight when it comes to negotiations, Benning responded no.

The GM pointed out that it’s been Markstrom’s work over the past couple of seasons that allows the team the confidence to try and sign him, and they’ll look to do so at the end of the season.

Benning explained:

“We’re gonna get something figured out for him. We both decided ‘let’s just wait until after the playoffs are done.’ We’ll sit down with his agent Pat Morris… We want to keep him on the team. He’s been a good goalie for us here these last couple years and a big part of our team.”

So, unless Markstrom is awful in the playoffs (and even then it might not matter), the Canucks intend to get this deal done and will clear what money they need to.

On Jake Virtanen’s Absence

When asked why Jake Virtanen wasn’t in the game Wednesday night, Benning said it was as simple as the Canucks wanting to get a better look at Micheal Ferland.

Benning cautioned fans not to look too much into the fact that Ferland was in over Virtanen and the GM said Virtanen had been having a good camp. There’s apparently nothing mysterious about the decision to keep him off the ice, hinting that the hot water Virtanen might have been in for posting a photo without a mask and not social distancing had little to do with anything.

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