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Booted NHL’er Brendan Leipsic to Sign in KHL

Former Washington Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic looks to be headed to the KHL after misogynistic comments on social media while also disparaging his linemates with the Caps.

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It’s possible former Washington Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic could have gotten another job in the NHL. It just wasn’t likely. Not after he was released by the Capitals when it was discovered he made misogynistic comments on social media while also disparaging his linemates with the Caps. 

The Capitals wanted no part of that negative press storm, nor were they prepared to condone that type of behavior, so they waived Leipsic then terminated his contract. Now, it appears he is on his way to the KHL. 

Sergei Isakov, his Russia-based agent, told Sport-Express in Russia that Leipsic is closing in on a two-year deal with CSKA Moscow.

The second the photos leaked and his comments were made public, Leipsic knew his NHL career was in jeopardy. The 26-year-old had just signed a one-year, one-way deal for the league minimum salary of $700K last July.  He played in 61 games, picked up three goals and eight assists and logged 9:10 per night. That certainly wasn’t enough for the Caps to believe losing him was going to greatly hurt their ability to win hockey games. Not that it mattered. What Leipsic did was akin to career suicide.

Speculation is that the moment he’d realized the world knew what he’d done, he instantly contacted a few agents that work in the KHL with a question – ”Do you think KHL would take me?” and ”Can you get me a job in KHL ASAP?”. Even before he was booted, he saw the writing on the wall.

He Should Flourish in the KHL…

Leipsic was a pretty good player in the AHL and a creative scorer in junior. He’ll get the chance to be that type of player overseas. That is, assuming he’s learned something from his past behaviour.

His NHL days are likely done. That means, the KHL is it and if he doesn’t make it work there, he’ll have a couple of other international options, but none that will pay terribly well.

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