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Blues’ GM Notes Alex Pietrangelo’s Future With Team In D-Man’s Hands

Alex Pietrangelo says he’d like to stay with the Blues but the GM of the team says it’s completey up to the d-man to make it happen.

Alex Pietrangelo St. Louis Blues

According to Lou Korac of, St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo’s first priority is to stay with the St. Louis Blues and extend his contract with the team. Noting it’s the only organization he’s been with, he says his legacy is important.

In terms of whether or not he is worried about a contract getting done or if he was thinking about how those negotiations might go, Pietrangelo said he has talked to his wife about what it could mean to stay or leave. He added “Is there much to talk about? No, the situation is what it is.”

Pietrangelo added that he hasn’t really thought about things too much and right now, he’s just trying to soak in being back home after being gone for so long.

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What He Wants Might Not Happen

Pietrangelo did note that this is a business and acknowledged the talk that he could wind up elsewhere. He also suggested that his legacy wasn’t necessarily only going to include the St. Louis Blues.

He explained:

“But whether it’s here or somewhere else, you want to play to the best of your ability and leave a legacy wherever you are. That goes along with on the ice and off the ice and try to impact the organization in the community. So, whether it’s here or anywhere else, I think it’s important for me to really kind of set my roots wherever it is, and I know my wife feels the same way.”

This all sounds like Pietrangelo is gearing up to move on but Chris Johnston was on Sportsnet 650 and noted that he’s not convinced Pietrangelo will move. He believes there is a mutual interest to get a deal worked out and thinks the Blues will shuffle whatever cards are required to put the deal together.

But, maybe not if general manager Doug Armstrong’s comments mean anything.

Armstrong said Wednesday he wants to keep Pietrangelo but also knows he’ll need to figure out how to do so under the restrictions of new flat NHL salary cap. Armstrong said, “I think the first phase is going to be to find out if we can find common ground with Alex, and if we do then go to work to move other pieces.” He then added that what Pietrangelo feels he’s worth in relation to what the team can afford is the first step.

If the ask is too high, the Blues don’t have many options.

Armstrong added “It is really an either-or that if we can’t find common ground with Alex, then there’s really no need to do anything. And if we can find common ground with Alex, then there’s a need to do a lot.”

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