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Alex Ovechkin On Verge Of Huge New Deal With Capitals?

Reports are that Alex Ovechkin might be working on a new high-priced, long-term extension with the Washington Capitals.

Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals

According to (translation required), the Washington Capitals may be working on a huge extension for sniper Alex Ovechkin and one that would likely see him stay with the Capitals for the foreseeable future.

Ovechkin’s contract will be coming up at the end of the 2020-21 calendar year. He’s currently finishing up a 13-year deal that was paying him $9,538,462 per season and he was arguably worth every penny of that deal — one he negotiated himself. Reports are, he may be negotiating other contract with the team.

Apparently, preliminary negotiations on a new contract have begun and it’s one that could pay him even more than his last deal despite his older age. Now 34 years old, speculation this new extension could be anywhere between three and five years in length and worth between $ 9.5-10 million per season. 

Is This Risky for the Capitals?

Acknowledging that Ovechkin is Ovechkin and one of the greatest scorers the game has ever seen (706 goals in the regular season and 69 in the playoffs), this new deal could take him to the age of 40. Even for Ovechkin, it’s hard to envision him being as productive at the end of that term.

Or, Ovechkin could continue to do what only Ovechkin does.

There’s something about the way he plays, that’s he’s rarely if ever been injured and that he doesn’t seem to slow down that is fascinating. Even in a shortened season he had almost have 50 goals again and, no doubt, he’s motivated to chase the NHL’s goal-scoring record. He sits 8th on the current list and if there’s a season next year, he’ll likely rocket up to fourth by the time it comes to a close.

A three-year deal would make the most sense for Washington but it will be interesting to see if Ovechkin wants one final deal that will let him retire a Capital. It might be risky, but it’s hard to argue he hasn’t earned it.

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